upcoming events:

Zhion Sound at Openair Wipkingen 2018

Zhion Sound and Mo'Fyah Sound together at Openair Wipkingen Saturday 23th of june! Good Music, good people, its all about Vibes!

Zhion Sound 5 years anniversary

Am 10. Februar fiiren mr zämma mit Mo'Fyah Sound üsses 5 jähriga besteha! Mit dabi Raggabund aka Caramelo Criminal Bondaa De Luca The Dubby Conquerors und na viel meh! Neb da zwei geburstagskinder sind au na d Irie Shottaz und dr Iray Selecta dabi! A real family ting! Es wird huara maaawd! Up

We are back at Baba Roots

Longtime we didnt represent our Sound at Baba Roots, but finally we are back and this time with the Mighty Pow Pow Movement! So make it a Date and dont be late!

Baba Roots is back in Kanzlei Club from now on every 1st. Thursday of the month!

Zhion Sound is back!

Many things happend in the past few weeks, after shelling down 3 Days at Züri-Fest and one of the wickedest Reeds-afterparty, Zünda went with MO'Fyah Sounds Iriegreen to Berlin to play 2 Shows one at Timeless Thursdays and one at Fiyah down below! Both shows went wiicked and we definetly will be remembered!

Big up to all Promoters and Soundboys who make this possible! UP

Zhion Sound presents Reggae and Dancehall im Niederdörfli VOL.2

Yauw! First Schoffel dance was maawd! good vibes with good people! Big up all massive and crew!

now we are ready for VOL.2! We invited our breddrins from Chur City Mo'Fyah Sound to be part of this madness!

Zhion Sound presents Reggae and Dancehall im Niederdörfli VOL.2

Yauw! First Schoffel dance was maawd! good vibes with good people! Big up all massive and crew!

now we are ready for VOL.2! We invited our breddrins from Chur City Mo'Fyah Sound to be part of this madness!

Zhion Sound presents Reggae and Dancehall im Niederdörfli

Yauw! New place to be when it comes to Reggae and Dancehall in Zurich! Zhion Sound im Niederdörfli will take place at Kafi Schoffel and will become a regular thing! We all been waiting for to do this! So get yourself ready for the first "Dance" of many!

Zhion Sound in Witherthur


We look fawad to the Next RedLionClub Reggae Night! Friday 11th March 2016 S' Gwölb with Zhion Sound

The Ghana Cultural Trio

The Ghana Cultural Trio live at Mundwerk ZH support by Zhion Sound

10 Years The Dubby Conquerors

10 Years The Dubby Conquerors at Exil ZH with Elijah, De Luca, Raggabund and many more!

Zhion Sound at Paraiba Bar in Olten

Ganjaforce, Max Rubadub, Mo'Fyah and Zhion Sound mash up Paraiba Bar in Olten

Zhion Sound at Wunderbar-Openair

De luca Zhion Sound and many more mash up Wundbars Soundsystem Openair!

Zhion Sound at Albanifest

Maad tings at Coal Mine Bar Outdoor Lounge!

Zhion Sound and Friends at Reeds Festival

Yow Massive! Reeds Afterparty gwaaan crazy last year! So now be ready for Reeds Afterparty 2.0 ! Souljourney Sound / Tunesquad Crew / Mo'fyah Sound / Irie Shottaz / Rising Fyah Sound and of course Zhion Sound will be part of this toal Madness! Its a FAMILY TING

Baba Roots Summerjam!

Baba Roots Summerjam once again! Crazy Line up!

Seen? Raggabund release Party

Big tings a gwaan at Stall 6 Raggabund feat. Dubby Conquerors Afterparty with DJ Siloko, Max RubaDub and Zhion SOund

Zhion Sound @ Lakesplash Festival!

Pam Pam Pam! Zhion Sound at Lakesplash Festival ls. Jesse Royal, Protoje, Schwellheim and many more!

This is how we party at Baba Roots

Every thursday Baba Roots at Kanzlei Club ZH! See how we do it!

Demarco at Baba Roots was maaad!

Big up DEMARCO and MAX RUBADUB! siiick nite

Brand new TUESDAY JUGGLE online!

Check out Zhion Sounds brand new Live-Mix! Check it out

Biig Tings a gwaan in februar at BABA ROOTS

Big tings a gwaan at Baba Roots in February! DEMARCO, HERBALIZE IT and many more!

Demarco @ Baba Roots

Maaad! Demarco at BABA ROOTS Showtime 22:30! Afterparty by MAX RUBADUB and ZHiON SOUND!

Bad Gyal round 2! ting tun up

Big tings a gwaan Zhion Sound @Hey City Club again ls. some big Djs and Sounds!

Zhion Sound in Chur!

Big tings a gwaan Zhion Sound in Chur ls. Mo Fyah Sound!

Bad gyal shellingzz

Bad Gyal presents DJ Dredski, Topshottaz, DJ Scratchy and Zhion sound at Hey City Club ZH

Baba Roots was siiick

Big up GC Sound! Baba Roots nuh tun up it tun ova

Baba Roots in December

Baba Roots in December with Sounds like Jugglerz, Uppressors Sound and Pow Pow

Zhion Sounds weekly live mix of new tunes

Zhion Sound starts with a weekly live mix of new tunes every tuesday u better stay tuned

Baba Roots in October...

Baba Roots in October goes more than crazy with Jugglerz , Timeless Dj D Masta and Riddim Soldiers

Baba Roots in September...

Baba Roots in September goes crazy with Jugglerz and Supertuff Sound

Integratiobs Festival with Luciano and many more!

Integrations Festival pon di Helvetiaplatz with Artist like Luciano.. Soundsystems like Pow Pow Sentinel and ZHION SOUND!

Baba Roots August

Baba Roots in August ... MAaaad

Baba Roots Summerjam 3 Days nonstop party

Baba Roots Summerjam 3 Days in a row with a siik line up like Pow Pow. Jugglerz and the far east rulers MIGHTY CROWN and for sure Zhion Sound! So make it a date!

Zhion Sound at Konshens concert

Konshens is coming to Zurich make it a date! Afterparty by Zhion Sound

Zhion Sound goes internantional!

Dj Kiki ls Zhion Sound in Amsterdam NL! Cafe Caprice is the place to be! 20th June make it a date!! Kabooom

Baba Roots in June 2014

Siick tings a gwaan in june at Baba Roots in Zurich! Alkaline Tiana, Soundquake, Badyard and Jugglerz! Kabooom

Alkaline, Tiana at Baba Roots

Madd Line up Alkaline and Tiana ls. DJ Angy and Zhion Sound at Baba Roots Siick tings a gwaan

Kabaka Pyramid feat. Dubby Conquerors

Madd Line up Kabaka Pyramid feat. Dubby Conquerors Stepaz Sound and Zhion Sound at Stall 6 zurich.. its gonna be mad

Mad tings a gwaan.. Wunderbar mi seh!

Zhion Sound will play for their first time at Wunderbar ZH

Sebastian Sturm / Bondaa

Exil the place to be sich tings a gwaan! Sebastian Sturm / Bondaa / Ayana and Uppressor Sound

Baba Roots on fire in April with Biig Easter Special!!!

In March Zhion Sound with Timeless Sound

Baba Roots on fire in March!!

In March Zhion Sound with Warrior Sound and Jugglerz

Baba Roots on fire in february!!

In february Zhion Sound with Jugglerz and Irie Shottaz

BlueWhite Special at Caribbean Fever!

Uppressor's, Rising Fyah and Zhion Sound mash up di place in Lucern

Afterparty for Iriepathie im Komplex ZH

Iriepathie / Riddemption live in Concert! Afterparty by Zhion Sound

Raggabund & the Dubby Conquerors in Engeblerg

RAGGABUND & THE DUBBY CONQUERORS sowie DE LUCA am 29. November 2013 LIVE in der Gletscherspalte, Engelberg. People get ready!!

Baba Roots at November

Maaad Move Baba Roots! Every Thursday at Kanzlei Cub!

Zhion Sound play at Mundwerk

Zhion Sound is playing the whole night reggae and dancehall music at Mundwer ZH

Dubplate session with Patexx

Patexx was visiting switzerland for the first time and we recorded some maad dubs!

Zhion Sound with Patexx and Reggae Bash

Be ready for Patexx and Reggae Bash! This is gonna be wicked!

Jugglerz are back in Town!!!

What a night we had with Warrior Sound, Tunesquad Crew Big to everyone who stepped inna di Kanzlei it was a mad ting!

Now we are looking forward to the next Baba Roots Dance... Big Jugglerz are back to play with us and on top of that we got the amazing Tamica the German Dancehall Queen... dont miss that!

Warrior Sound at Baba Roots

This Thursday we got Warrior Sound in Town ls. Tunesquad Crew and Zhion Sound! Wicked

Jugglerz are coming back to Baba Roots

Zurich are you ready again?! Zhion SOund play longside biig Jugglerz and K.O.S Crew!!! This is the start for Baba Roots in kanzlei every Thursday!!! SO don�t miss it!

Biiig first night with Baba Roots at Kanzlei

That was one of the biggest nights since Zhion Sound started... Big up Sentinel, Uppressor, Bondaa, Chris Obasi, Bösguet and last but not least Big up Baba Roots!

Get urself rdy for this Friday

Zurich are you reagge? This Friday at Kanzlei Club ZH Biig Sentinel Sound ls. Zhion Sound and a exclusive showcase from Bondaa, Chris Obasi and Bösguet backed by Uppressor Sound!!! Its gonna be wickede!

Get urself rdy for this Friday

Lee Scratch Perry Live at Exil... Juggling by Zhion Sound and our frinds Stepaz Sound

It was fun

Zhion Sound played longside Irie Shottaz inna di Cargobar Basel and it was wicked!!

What a night!

big up baba roots who made this possible! Big up DJ Scratchy! Big up to all the people who came to the last baba roots party at District 4.

Next show with Irie shottaz inna di Cargobar, BS

Stall 6 was great!

Big up to Stepaz who made this event possible!! Thanks to Irie Shottaz who came all the way from Basel!! It was a really nice party!

Next show with DJ Scratchy inna Districa 4 Baba Roots

Biig up Collie Herb

It was a really nice evening!!! with some nice peoples!

Next show with Stepaz Sound and Irie Shottaz inna di Stall 6!!!

Tonight!!! Zhion Sound at Stall 6

Biig up PAINKILLA ENT. and all the supporters for this Biig Party last night! Big up to Tunesquad crew and biiiig thanks to Mandinka who killed it with his performance!

Tonight we gonna play longside Stepaz Sound and Jin Chillah inna di Stall 6!

Next Show 08.05.2013 at LG Club

Baba Roots was nice! Biig thanks to De Luca for his appearance!

Come to our next show inna di LG Club Oerlikon! Pain Killa presents Mandinka live on stage!

Next Show 25.04.2013 at Baba Roots

Langstars was maaaaaad! Get urself ready for this Thursday!

Welcome to Zhion Sound.ch

come to our next show! We are playing with STEPAZ SOUND at Langstars! its gonna be maaaad!